Exo Mani may not offer the endless sandy beaches encountered in other parts of the region, but what it does offer is equally unique. From cozy Ritsa and nature lovers’ favorite Foneas, to Kalogria with the natural springs and Katafygi with the stone lounges, the coastline of Messinian Mani, starting from Agios Nikolaos, hides a surprise at every turn.


The closest beach to the Estate and locals’ favorite, with umbrellas and gray soft sand, enjoys the cool shade of tamarisk trees. It has parking and a small tavern on the right side.


5km from the Estate, you come across the so-called Miami of Mani – the second most popular beach in the area and the most touristy, with blond sand, turquoise waters, picturesque scenery and countless taverns, cafes and shops. Despite the crowd, the waters are crystal clear – mainly due to the underwater springs from Taygetos. Ideal for families


Right after Stoupa, on the way to Kardamyli, you come across the most popular beach of Mani backed by tamarisk trees, with superb pale golden sand, shallow though cool turquoise waters, taverns, bars, beach umbrellas, sun beds, beach volley court facilities, water sports and a lot of people … It is ideal for both young crowds and families, with the underwater springs from Taygetos keeping it always clean. Here is where Greek novelist Nikos Kazantzakis met Zorbas in 1917 – it is at the house by the sea where he stayed and wrote the homonym novel.


Olive, pine and cypress trees reach the sea; cliffs adorn the shore; thick gray sand alternates with pebbles and natural stone platforms, while the waters are always calm thanks to the protecting bay. At the northern point of the bay lies cave Polyora (which you can only access by swimming), hiding a smaller beach inside strewn with sand, dense shade and stalactites. In the little canteen try fresh fried fish and ouzo. 9km from the Estate and 4km after Stoupa, on the way to Kardamyli.


Very close to Delfinia on the way to Kardamili, probably the most famous “unknown” beach of the area. Untouched by tourism, basically unorganized (with only one canteen over the shore by seaside, operating only during summer), the beach is hidden at the end of a path between the trees. It has white pebbles, turquoise waters and a huge rock in the middle of the cove providing natural shade – also serving as a natural diving board!


Just before Kardamyli, secluded, with shallow waters, gray pebbles and cypresses touching the sea. Ideal for children due to its depth – however make sure you bring along the essentials since it is completely unorganized.


Approximately 13km from the Estate, westwards of Kardamyli and within walking distance to the settlement, a lovely pebbly beach with crystal clear waters. It’s great for families, since there’s no beach bar nor is deafening music – there only a cafe, a cantina on the street and the tavern between the olive trees.


On the opposite direction, towards Mani, about 3 km southeast of the Estate, don’t miss Katafygi: a wild and imposing landscape with Mount Taygetos reaching the sea, natural stone sun beds and isolation. Ideal for young and / or lovers of nature and adventure, as the access from the path is not easy (10 minutes walk from the parking lot) and the probability of encountering nudists rather big. Bring along the essentials, since completely unorganized, and combine it with a visit to the cave.